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Itchy Souls

“I don't really ever have to tell myself to seize the day. It's just, whenever I'm not, I feel like I'm slowly disintegrating or something. Like my soul is itching, and if I don't actively live my life, it'll never stop.”
Adi Alsaid, Let's Get Lost

Are you an artist? Or a musician? Or a creative who just can't let herself fall victim to the monotonous life our world promotes? You are not alone. 
It's the itchy souls that can't stand a 9-5 who really inspire me. They are the ones that can't sit still, are always on an adventure and don't let the world pressure them into changing. 
Sara and Charlie are two itchy souls who I couldn't wait to see sporting the new Bohemian Sundays attire. We played around in Charlie's apartment and took photos in the new Auguste, Gloria Dulcie, Goddess of Babylon and more. This is the result:

Photography: Gee Leis

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