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Cleanse loose leaf smudge - Bohemian Sundays Kivari Arnhem Rowie Boho Clothing

Cleanse loose leaf smudge

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 The sacred loose leaf cleanse blend, made with rosemary, lavender, white sage, rose, Palo santo, calendula, hibiscus, chamomile & jasmine flower. 

Each Smudge Blend is carefully curated in small batches, blending the dried flowers and herbs with resins and crystals. Our Full Moon Smudge Blend is adorned with a Rose Quartz Crystal for promoting self love and inner peace while clearing and dispelling negative energy in order to amplify the good.

Finished with rose quartz chips. 

Instructions: Using a heat proof dish, place a small scoop into the dish. Lighting with a match, leave burn for a few seconds to create smoke. Once it has created a burn, blow out the flame. Leave burning in a scared space to cleanse the energy. Do not leave unattended.