Banjara Jewellery in store at Bohemian Sundays, Sunshine Coast

For the gypsy soul with salt in her hair and sand between her toes...

We are so excited to be stocking BANJARA JEWELLERY at Bohemian Sundays. This gypset inspired label hosts a range of bohemian statement jewellery and homewares. Think turquoise, turkish and trinket pieces that will make you feel like a gypsy queen. Banjara can be purchased in store and online at Bohemian Sundays, Sunshine Coast. 

Here is a little about the label:

"We have travelled this beautiful planet. We have been inspired by the wonders of the natural world and have observed the many cultures that inhabit it. As we journeyed through the far-east we were fortunate to encounter a people known as the Banjara Tribe who create special jewellery made from a mixture of materials, old and new, all of which had been found and collected. They made their jewellery - in the form of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, using a combination of colourful threads, textiles, shells and old coins amongst other materials available to them. We love and embrace the idea of making a non-precious material, precious. Combining these materials with sterling silver adds a warmth and charm to our jewellery design.

Banjara Jewellery is about exploration, discovery and the never-ending journey.
Banjara was founded by Danielle Hill & Elise Shabat, all our pieces are designed by Danielle and assembled with love in our Melbourne studio." 

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